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My goal as an artist is to create extraordinary fine art photographic images that express the way I feel about our natural environment. Often this requires much forethought in order to preconceive an image I have in mind of a particular location I may have visited on several occasions. This requires a combination of technical skills and artistic inspiration. To accomplish this I use the highest grade digital cameras, lenses, printers and computers to create an archival image printed on the finest papers or metallic surfaces using the best inks available in order to complete the final print that reflects my artistic vision and imparts to the viewer the same feeling I get from the magical light that connects us all to the beauty of nature.

My love of nature was inspired in my early childhood while on many walks in the woods and swamps of Georgia and Florida with my Grandmother who was an avid bird watcher. She taught me how to be quiet and observant. I have honed my photography skills over the past 10 years, both in the field and the classroom through a combination of trial and error and participation in workshops conducted by renowned landscape photographers that have come before me.

Through this experience I have developed the ability to see the natural world in a way that connects my vision to the viewer by capturing fleeting moments of light that they might otherwise be unable to see. This is why I love photography, so that through my knowledge and experience in the field I can share with others the special moments in time I am blessed to be able to capture.

Happy Trails, Richard

Lupine Sunset-Redwoods Park, CA