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About Richard Ansley

My love of nature was inspired early as a child while on many walks in the woods of Georgia and Florida with my grandmother who was an avid bird watcher. She taught me how to be quiet and observant.

My goal as an artist is to create exceptional fine art photography. In order to complete this task, there are many elements that come into play. To simply be there in the right place and at the right time, or what some would call “getting lucky” is certainly not enough. Nor is traveling hundreds of miles in search of these images, or the thousands of dollars spent on equipment, or the countless days spent hiking miles of wilderness trails with little sleep in order to arrive at the spot long before dawn to wait in the cold for that perfect light, so that when that magic moment happens, that fleeting moment that I have planned, pre-visualized and hoped for occurs and all of these elements come together, still it is not enough. For me, as an artist, it is more than that. It is that subtle and unconscious interaction with nature that occurs when I lose myself in the moment and become connected to this wonderful creation I am about to capture a piece of. When this happens, the experience becomes magical and the first step of creating a true fine art image is accomplished.

A fine art image is not complete until it has been printed and mounted in such a way as to maximize its’ visual potential. I choose the finest archival materials available in order to accomplish this. Only after all these steps are carefully completed can I reap the final reward of my efforts, which is sharing with others these special moments in time I have been fortunate enough to experience. Only then is the process complete for me. If an image I have captured is extraordinary or portrays a special feeling that the viewer can relate too, then my goal as an artist is complete.

Happy Trails, Richard

Forest Lake Reflections-Pano, Wasatch Mountains, Utah