Fine Art Nature and Landscape Photography

My goal as a nature and landscape photographer is to create exceptional fine art images. In order to accomplish this, many elements come into play. Much research, pre-planning and pre-visualization about the final image I want to create and most often several trips to a particular location must first be accomplished; followed by a great deal of time in the digital "dark room" developing and fine-tuning the image with technical software. Only then can one of my images make the cut to be released. But after all of these steps are completed a fine art image is not fully realized until it has been printed and mounted in such a way as to maximize its visual potential. Many such mounting options are available today but my preference is Chromalux aluminum, using a process known as 'infusion' whereby photographic inks are infused into the surface of specially produced heated sheets of aluminum. This process creates a visually stunning display that will last a lifetime. For more info about print purchases, feel free to contact Richard by email at or by phone at 801-201-2667 (accepts texts.)

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